Atomic Clock & Watch Accuracy Tool (with NTP Time) v1.6.11 [Platinum]

This app has two main features:
– it detects and shows exact time (via NTP protocol). It can be helpful if you want to sync time on some of your devices with atomic clock.
– it allows to track accuracy of your wristwatches. It can be helpful if you want to know how exact your wristwatch is. You can share this information with watchmaker and it helps him to adjust your watches properly.

Features in detail:

Atomic Time from NTP Servers
– This app is able to connect to NTP time servers and show you exact time
– There is list of NTP Time Servers (including goverment time servers like NIST Internet Time Service)
– On Android 8 you can use Picture-in-Picture function and adjust your clock according excact time shown in small window over other apps.

Watch accuracy tracking app
With this app you can
– track accuracy of your wristwatch collection (works well for both mechanical and quartz watches)
– simply tap in the app, let app know what time was shown on wristwatch and app will do all the statistics and show you watch accuracy chart
– share accuracy chart with your friends on social networks
– export your accuracy data as CSV for further processing

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