Daily Yoga Guide v1.0 [Premium]

Begin your journey with us to make yoga a part of your daily life. All yoga classes are tailored by our expert yoga team. They serve your specific needs, whether you’d like to lose weight, gain flexibility, fight depression or get a great workout.

This yoga app is suitable to many forms of yoga routines like hatha yoga, pranayama, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, yoga asanas, ashtanga yoga, core yoga, power yoga, iyengar yoga and baba ramdev yoga.

Here are some stuffs:
Surya – Namaskar,Akarna – Dhanur – Asana,Anjaneya – Asana,Ardha Chandra – Asana,Ardha – Matsyendra – Asana,Baddha Kona Asana,Bala Asana,Chakra Asana,Dhanur – Asana,Ekapada – Asana,Garuda – Asana,Gomukha – Asana,Hala – sana,Hasta – Pada – angusta,Matsya – Asana,Naga – Asana,Nataraja Asana,Padma – Asana,Parivritta – parshvakona,Pavana mukta Asana,Sarvanga – Asana,Shalabha – Asana,Shava – Asana,Siddha – Asana,Simha – Asana,Sirsha – Asana,Tada – Asana,Trikona – Asana,Ugra – Asana,Ushtra – Asana,Vajra – Asana,Vira – Asana,Vriksha – Asana,Vrischika – Asana

It includes…
Yoga for happiness & self confidence,
stress, depression & anxiety,
weight loss & slim /young body,
peace of mind & anger management,
deep sleep & relaxation (Yoga Nindra)
Hybrid Yoga for balance, strength, flexibility & better Posture,
muscle strength, bone health & backpain,
boost immunity & memory,
lowers your blood pressure & blood sugar,
heart & brain health,
acidity / gas / digestions problems,
allergies & body detox,
wrinkles and to rejuvenate skin,
women or ladies & girls – Customized,
spiritual enlightenment & inner exploration.

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